New Aluminium Print from Saal Digital.

Truly a thing of beauty!

I came across the fine folks at Saal Digital not too long ago and had the chance to trial one of their new print types, called 'Alu-Dibond' it is essentially a high quality photographic print on an aluminium substrate with another material sandwiched in between that and another layer of aluminium. All this results in a surprisingly rigid feel considering how light the finished product is, so you shouldn't have any worries with regards to dents or bends and also I can't imagine there being any issues when mounting on lighter wall materials.

But more important than the physical specifics is the feel and look of the image, and that is damn near flawless. 

The colours are true to the original image and the reproduction is almost tactile in its delivery of the tones and texture of the shot. I chose this specific image because of the level of detail that the print would have to convey and I have to admit that I am surprised by what is achieved. 

My only issue, and it's almost comical how carefully I had to look to find fault, is that being aluminium, the edges are incredibly sharp. It's borderline dangerous and so I will have to be particularly careful deciding where it hangs. 

The obvious conclusion here is that if the other products being delivered by the fine folks at Saal Digital are even nearly as beautiful as this piece, then it would be well worth at least investigating their great many options.

The process from choosing the image right through to delivery is painless and intuitive, so do yourself a favour and check them out.